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We walk you through the Government hiring process and answer any questions you may have about it.  We do offer a FREE 10-minute consultation.  We prefer to give you the most direct, most succinct information and advice possible, allowing you to maximize our time together.  However, if you choose to ask deeper-level more specific questions, we have the expertise to answer those as well. Paid consultations typically last between 30 to 60 minutes.  


  • How to specifically tailor your resume

  • Ways to find a good fit (i.e. a Salesperson translates to what role?)

  • Nuances of what you're doing right/wrong

  • Deep dive into the overall hiring process

  • Loopholes to exploit in the system!

  • Screen-sharing

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"The MyGovJob team truly prepared me to get into the Government. And I did!" - Theresa P., US Census Bureau

"I noticed right away they knew what they were talking about. I believe they are helping people like me out a lot." - John H., Housing and Urban Development