Do you really know how to get me a job in the federal government?

Yup!  We are very well versed on the process of government recruitment, hiring and promotion. As stated, we have both done it ourselves and are working with others who are getting hired. 

How long does the process take?

How long is really based on a number of factors, but ultimately is up to you and how much you're willing to do to increase your chances of getting in. As soon as a month, as long as many months. It's the government; it can be slow. 

I've already submitted 99 applications.  How many more do I need to submit?

Honestly, 99 is 1 short of the goal.  Mentally prepare to submit over 100 applications if you're approaching this process with a general resume.  If you're using our targeted strategies, then it could only be a fraction of that time.

Why don't you offer a money-back guarantee?

We really mulled this one over because we have the confidence to give a worry-free guarantee.  However; we do not (and can not) apply to jobs on your behalf - that is unless you're willing to give us Power of Attorney (which we don't recommend).  Because of which, we can not guarantee that you will meet the requirements on a USAJobs announcement (a job).  We also can not tell you to falsify your skills.  If you have never worked a job, but are looking to become a manager in the government, even our expert help can't guarantee your success obtaining that job.  We might be able to get your resume in the right hands however.

Are you licensed?

There aren't any licenses or certifications for assisting job applicants to enter the Federal Government.  Therefore, we are unlicensed.  But our strategies are proven.

What makes you any different than a resume writer?

A resume writer is typically a generalist and specializes in word-smithing your resume to cast a wide net of private industry employers.  Our process will do so for the government, but we apply a laser-focus tailoring of your resume to the job(s) you want.  This ensure that your time with us is specified and generates the best possible outcome once you submit your application.  We do this to each job.  A wide net resume is really not an effective manner of applying for a job in the federal government. 

What makes you different from a job coach?

We educate our clients on the intricacies of the federal government hiring process.  This process is very specific, tedious, and can be tricky for someone to go at it alone without expert assistance.   

Can't you just find me a job in the government?

It is illegal to use outside/inside connections to "unfairly" influence the federal hiring process.  We can not offer head-hunting / recruiter services due to this restriction.  We can, however, provide specific guidance on how to best approach positions of interest.

I go to a lot of job fairs and see government recruiters.  Why can't they give me a job?

In large part, federal government recruiters are a misnomer.  In some Agencies they are even referred to as marketing and outreach coordinators.  Unlike the private industry, federal recruiters are not compensated for finding and hiring talent.  Recruiters are at job fairs to provide information to participants.  There are very minimal exceptions to this, though we can provide you with this information if you'd like.

More Questions?

Shoot us an email!  Someone will promptly respond within 1-2 business days.  Hey, maybe we're online!  See the bottom left of your screen.  :)