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Invaluable. You all saved my career, maybe even my life. I’d tell everyone wanting a government job to contact you ASAP.
— Joanne B., Dept of Health & Human Services
Wow! I never knew that’s the way it was on the “other” side. Knowledge is power! Next time, I’ll be ready. Thanks!
— Mark P., Dept of Commerce
There’s no way I’d have gotten in without you. Incredible. I still can’t believe it worked. Great service.
— Jenny R., Dept of Transportation
I’m shocked at the level of information the government DOESN’T tell you. It’s a lot, but you all made it easy.
— Barbara K., Federal Aviation Administration

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With over 18 years of combined experience in the Federal Government, we are a husband & wife (mom & pop!) team who were laid off in 2010 from lucrative private sector jobs. Upset with the fickle nature of being in private industry, we began looking for a government job for long term stability upon which we could build our family. And we got in. Since joining the Federal Government, we both have been promoted with multiple raises. Both are on fast tracks. One of us is in recruiting; the other in Program Management. One of us doubled their federal salary in 5 years. Both are enjoying the benefits! The down side is we must protect our anonymity online as we’re still employed by the government, and this could create undue stress from word getting out.

What's most important, we learned a lot through this tough process.  It was painful, but it doesn't have to be. Now, we're eager to share the blueprint to our success.  Let us show you how - we'll get you in!